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Lukhanyo Mdingi in conversation

By Sumendra Chetty | 3 Feb 2020

Having only established his label in 2015, Lukhanyo Mdingi has already made waves both locally and internationally (and by internationally, we mean New York, fashion capital of the world) with collections that are rich in storytelling with an easy elegance. We sit down with Lukhanyo Mdingi to talk style icons, fashion must-haves and music playlists.

MoL: Which three words would you use to describe your label?
LM: Solid, Steady and Strong

MoL: What is your favourite part about being a designer?
LM: Definitely having the opportunity to collaborate and seeing the different aspects of yourself together with the collaborator comes out

MoL: Who would you describe as a style icon?
LM: I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have a style Icon, there is definitely a sense of solid confidence that I see that exists in people and how they choose to represent themselves in a confident way, a person such as this is performance artist and
DJ Quaid Heneke aka Quezzy.

MoL: What would you like to own that you currently don’t own?
LM: A time piece by Larsson & Jennings.

MoL: In what place are you happiest?
LM: Definitely when I’m removed from a discordant space, when I’m fully conscious and
in love – love in a broader aspect then just romance.

MoL: Where should we be wearing Lukhanyo Mdingi pieces?
LM: Anywhere and at any time, I see our pieces as ones that the individual feel intrinsically connected too – no occasion is needed for something like that.

MoL: What’s the greatest achievement of your life so far?
LM: Being able to lead a life that I envison myself and still being
on that trajectory.


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